Marcello Headshot

Name: Marcello

Been a Swimming Teacher for: Since 2015.

What made you want to be a teacher? I started out as a lifeguard, and looked on in envy at the fun and engaging swimming lessons! I figured I could do it too.

What is your favourite skill to teach? I love teaching butterfly kick for the first time - it is an awkward movement to perform and so I get the kids to try it out standing on the side of the pool first. It usually generates some laughter!

Which stage do you think is the hardest Teaching correct breaststroke legs in Stage 4 is very challenging and requires vast amounts of patience and persistence. 

Where in the world would you like to swim? I used to coach swimming in Dubai and they have some unbelievable facilities! I’d love to go back and dip in their pools again.

Tell me something interesting about you You can find my coaching page on Instagram/Facebook @coach.marcello